May 2014 Blog Income + Traffic Report

I am just getting back into the blogging swing. During college I was unable to blog full time (or even sometimes at all!). Now that I’m on the job hunt, I’m able to devote more time to writing and photography.

I’ve been thinking A LOT about what I want to do for the rest of my life. My degree is in Criminal Justice, and behind the scenes jobs (aka no guns or dirt) are harder than I thought to come by.

I’m considering going into something like marketing or social media instead.

Want to hear a secret? Did you know some people blog for a living? Pinch of Yum’s income reports give me hope that that could someday be me. Please tell I’m crazy and not to get my hopes up 😉

Here is what I earned this month:

1. Mom Central Consulting: $200

2. Privately Commissioned Sponsored Posts: $240

3. Global Influence: $50

4. Linquia: $310

5. Collective Bias: $30

6. Freelance Writing:$80

7. Google Adsense: $10.72

8. Glam/Mode Media: $101:04

Top Traffic Sources:
1. Pinterest
2. Google
3. Stumbleupon
4.Online Sweepstakes
5. Facebook
6. RSS
7. SweepsAdvantage
9. Yahoo

Top Referring Blogs:
1. The Country Cook
2. The Tailored Mama
3. 4. Buns in my Oven
5. Ann’s Entitled Life
6. Busy Being Jennifer
7. Walking on Sunshine Recipes
8. The Recipe Critic 9. Cheap is the New Classy
10. Love Bakes Good Cakes


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  1. Robin (Masshole Mommy) says:

    Oh wow, that is great. I never would have thought to post something like this before. What a cool idea.

  2. R U S S says:

    I like your degree 🙂
    I’ve been in and out of blogging myself, but I’m still here. Cheers to blogging and hope to read more from you.

  3. sounds like you had a great month – congrats! That is awesome. I need to do more with my ads and affiliates myself!

  4. Wow! You are doing great. Thanks for sharing the info. I wouldn’t have guessed that Pinterest would be the top traffic. I really haven’t done much there yet, so I really appreciate the info and encouragement.

  5. I always like to see how others are doing blogging. It keeps me motivated

  6. Pinterest is always a big traffic source for me too!

  7. Chasity Boatman says:

    I’ve never made money blogging but it would be nice!

  8. WOW. Pinch of Yum! That is amazing! BUT… you’re not crazy. Keep pushing!!!!!!!

  9. Rebecca Swenor says:

    People don’t even think about that so you may be one step a head of the others. Thanks for sharing I am passing this on.

  10. This is awesome.

  11. It looks like you are making nice progress.

  12. Welcome back! Hope to read more from you in the coming days.

  13. Congrats you have a lot of sources of income in blogging. It can really help pay bills if you work hard enough.

  14. I absolutely LOVE your blog, the layout, title, banner picture…
    Just gorgeous!
    I’ve got some serious reading to do, tutorials to watch and stuff to check out in order to pretty mine up like this and bring in even close to the kind of numbers you do.
    If you have any advice about how to boost readership or things like that, facelift loveliness and all that jazz, I would be thrilled to pick your brain.
    I’ve subscribed, I love it and I’m grabbing your button. I don’t normally post buttons but I’ve been visiting for a while and yours is a blog that I can definitely get behind- nice work sista!

  15. Thanks for sharing. It is always neat to see where other bloggers income is coming from blog wise.

  16. Great going! Pinterest definitely brings in some great traffic.

  17. You are doing really well! I’m close, but I’m still working on my ads.

  18. I love reading income posts from blogging. I use to write them a few years ago. May need to do another. Good job your making nice money.

  19. This is nice that you shared your income producers. I’ve heard of some of them, but not all!

  20. Congratulations on earning from Blogging..

  21. Wow! You are doing great, I didn’t make any money on my blogging yet but I have products for reviews and those are nice. I have one task but only pay $5.oo LOL.

  22. Sounds really cool! And all that really adds nicely together!

  23. Sounds like things have been awesome to your blog!

  24. Thank you dear for sharing. That’s a lot of earnings 🙂 Hope you’ll earn more!

  25. Oh how nice would it be to get an income like Pinch of Yum’s has.. I saw another blogger once, she posted something like this, she was bring in 4-5k a month.. i was like *jaw drop* i like yours, more reasonable.. I got paid like $8 last month from one thing, that alone I thought I was rich, haha..

  26. Oh, WOW. That is awesome! I have made a few bucks from a post here and there but never really any income. This is awesome and I do believe it is possible to keep this as a job.

  27. Saad Ansari says:

    Wow! You’ve an amazing present & promising future in this field. Definitely, You’ve earned it with all your hardwork & smart efforts. Keep it up!

    -Saad A.

  28. Wow you are doing awesome! I hope the work keeps coming for you.