Lush Bubble Gum Lip Scrub Review

Disclosure:The Lush Bubble Gum Lip Scrub used in this review was purchased with my own money.




I’ve always ordered Lush online since there was never a location near me. However, one recently opened up and I couldn’t wait to go visit. It’s amazing getting to sniff everything, and of course finally being able to buy fresh face masks!

However along with sniff tests and face masks comes the impulse buys they stick on the counter. Yup you got me! I’m really happy I decided to indulge in this little treat.

Lush Says:Our sweetest confection exfoliates lips smooth, prepping them for your favorite lip color or balm. A blend of exfoliating Fair Trade sugar and moisturizing jojoba oil, this lip scrub is sure to leave your lips enticingly soft and satisfy your sweet tooth at the same time!

Baking Beauty says: I love the sweet smell/taste and the results are amazing.

Lush Bubble Gum Lip Scrub Review

What I loved:

1. The sweet scent: It smells just like bubblegum. A lot of Lush’s scents are too strong or earthy for me, but this one was just perfect.

2.Effective: The sugar is just rough enough to slough off dead skin cells, but still gentle enough not to cause irritation.

What I didn’t like:
1. How messy it is: When using it sugar goes everyone!

Have you tried any Lush lip scrubs? Do you ever exfoliate your lips?


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  1. Hey Krystle, the bubble gum scent sounds delicious! I don’t really exfoliate my lips anymore. I put a thick layer of NUXE honey balm on before bedtime and wipe it off in the morning. I can usually get rid of most unwanted cells in the process 😉

  2. I’m definitely getting this once I’m done with my current one. Looks amazing. 🙂

  3. Audrey Yap says:

    LOVE the lip scrub, it’s amazing! Use it every night before putting on an extra moisturizing lip balm before bed. The next morning, BAM! Soft, lush, smooth lips.