Food Blog Traffic and Income Report December 2015

Disclaimer: Gourmet Ads is my employer. I am affiliated with some of the companies below. All opinions are my own.


237,075 Pageviews

144,340 Unique Views

  1. Pinterest
  2. Facebook
  3. Recipe Chart
  4. My Foodies
  5. The Best Dessert Recipes
  6. Buzzfeed
  7. Yummly
  8. Pretty My Party
  9. Savvy Fork
  10. Recipe Lion



Gourmet Ads:619.94

Linqia: 505.18

Gum Gum: 297.88

Tap Influence: 200.00

Clever Girls: 150.00

Freelance Work: 1100.00



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  1. Interesting. I’m with Gourmet Ads, have had more page views but made far less. One more reason to change, as in tomorrow!

    • Hi Virginia,

      We’re always happy to work with you to boost your revenue. Shoot us an email at publishers at gourmet ads dot com to book a call.