Exotic Blue Eye Makeup Tutorial

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We all love blue eye shadows. Blue eye shadow eye makeup looks have a very exotic tendency to look good in any form and on any eyes, whether small or large, sunken or embossed, blue coloured eye shadow looks truly beautiful. But you need to be highly confident while using it properly and carrying it in the right way.
The eyeliner application also has to be a bit different and in proper shape. If you have small eyes and are going for a winged liner, then avoid joining of the line from lower rim to the line of the top lid. This will help open up the eyes. Otherwise you can use a complete winged and joined eye lining which is really beautiful.
Here I am going to show you a very beautiful and very simple but exotic blue eye shadow makeup with a winged lining.
Some simple and easy things that you will need for this eye makeup look are:
• A concealer and foundation
• A face compact
• Eye shadow (Colours needed – light shimmery blue eye shadow, slate coloured eye shadow and silver highlighter)
• Black Eyeliner pencil
• Liquid Eye Liner
• Kajal/Black liner
• Mascara
• Lash Curler
• Lash Comb
Step 1:
On clean eye lids, apply concealer and foundation. Follow it up with a compact for a flawless texture.

Step 2:
Apply the light shimmery blue eye shadow on the whole of the eye lid.

Step 3:
Apply Slate coloured shadow on the exterior half of the lid.

Step 4:
Use silver highlighter on the brow bone and on the nose and eye junction to enhance separation.

Step 5:
Time for the eye liner application. This is going to be a different form of a liner application. If you do it right, you will have a total professional looking eye makeup.
Make a moderate lining along the upper lash line. Extend the front portion near the nose a little bit. Extend the exterior portion towards the top in a simple swing.
Give black lining with a black pencil liner or kajal on the lower rim. Make sure you extend the lining of the lower rim to touch the upswing on the top lid. This lining should look roughly like a running diagonal.

Step 6:
Follow up with a mascara application on the top lashes in a top to down form and in zig zag manner on to the lower lashes.
Step 7:
Comb out the excess mascara with a lash comb. This helps to clear out any clumps of mascara left on the lashes.
Step 8:
Use a curler if added curling is required.
Step 9:
Here is the final form of this exotic blue eye makeup.
Simply exotic isn’t it? Hope you are up for a try. And don’t forget to visit StyleCraze for more such looks.


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