Diet Comfort Food

Like most American’s  I made a New Year’s resolution to eat healthier, and maybe drop a few pounds.
However, I know if I eat nothing but veggie burgers, and celery sticks I’m doomed before I even start.

For me, food has to taste good,and look appealing. Here are some of favorite lightened up versions of classic comfort foods.

Skinny Baked Broccoli Mac and Cheese has the delicious cheesy goodness I crave, but without the guilt.

These Garlic French Fries
are baked not fried.

This Light Potato Soup is perfect for chilly winter evenings.

Mozarella Sticks are my favorite pizza shop treat. I love that the healthy version still includes the stringy goodness I love.

These onion rings are so crispy, you’ll never guess they’re baked!

This Veggie Lasagna is only 200 calories

Can you believe these healthy potato chips are made in the microwave?

Popcorn Chicken won’t make you feel guilty going back for seconds.

Maple Cheeseburgers are made with ground turkey

You’ll never guess what the Low Carb Pizza Crust is made out of!

Which diet comfort food looks best to you?


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  1. Those look really yummy! My problem is taking the time to make healthier stuff. It’s so much easier to pick up fast food 🙁

  2. I like the baked Chips–that’s my hubbys weakness—I’m a popcorn chicken gal myself =)

  3. Some of these are really tasty looking!

  4. Wow! These look AMAZING!

  5. It’s no doubt that what we call comfort food are all carbohydrates. I recently lost a lot of weight by cutting them all out. No potatoes, pasta, bread or bread crumbs.

  6. omg these don’t look diet, and they make me starved!

  7. Marti Parks says:

    I can’t wait to try the onion rings and the baked fries look really good to me. Both are those are some of my favorite comfort foods.

  8. The baked garlic fries and the veggie lasagna look best to me. Thanks for the great ideas!
    I am still focused on getting in better shape for the upcoming bikini season!

  9. wow, if you had told me these were on the “worst foods” list, I’d have believed it, they all look soooo good LOL!!! They good enough to eat the computer screen. I can’t pick a fav! but these are keepers!!!

  10. I’m the total opposite. When I want say, a frozen meal at the grocery store I want full flavor. Everything is lite or low cal. I don’t eat much in general so when I do get hungry I want what I want!

  11. Sharon Siqueiros says:

    Every one of these looks delicious!! My husband is a freak for o-rings so I’m gonna try these monday(our day off) He’s grilling and I’ll make these instead of the ones I have in the freezer!
    Will come back and let ya know what he says. Thanks so much for these recipes

  12. Aria Hillhouse says:

    I thought it was a joke at first just seeing the pictures thinking, what, thats not diet food, lol. But these look good. the broccoli mac cheese and the mozzarella bites are my favorite. And definitely fried foods are something to avoid whether you are on a diet or not.