Best Nutella Recipes



At the urging of family and friends, I finally broke down and tried Nutella! I was surprised that I liked it. I don’t think I”ve ever tasted a hazlenut before, and automatically thought I’d hate them. However, its smooth chocolate flavor is almost like a liquid Hershey Bar.

Since then, I’ve been enjoying it on graham crackers, sandwiches, and even pound cake. However, I never knew how versatile it was. Check out my favorite recipes featuring Nutella below!



1. Easy Nutella Fudge

2. I’ll be adding these Nutella Stuffed Chocolate Chip Cookies to my Christmas cookie list!

3. I would never have guessed that Nutella Hot Chocolate has only 2 ingredients!

4. Adding Peanut Butter and Nutella takes these Brownies to the next level!

5. Try topping off your next batch of cupcakes with this rich, creamy Nutella Frosting.

6. These Nutella Cupcakes literally frost themselves!

7. Perfect for Fall: Pumpkin Nutella Thumbprint Cookies

8. Nutella Cookies Cups

9. Cool off with a cool, creamy Nutella Fudgecicle!

10. Can you believe this Nutella Cheesecake is no bake?

What are you favorite ways to use Nutella?


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  1. Good Lord, lol your desserts are making me drool this morning. LOL! Now I need to try Nutella too. Great post!

  2. I LOVE to cook with Nutella! It turns out so yummy! The recipes you posted look AMAZING! I will try them out for sure!

    I have my own Marbled Nutella Brownies recipe… check it out on Pinterest here:

  3. That nutella cheesecake looks delicious!! I NEED IT!

  4. I will take one of each! My kids love Nutella and jelly sandwiches!

  5. Perfect! I just wrote how Nutella is on sale this week, never thought so many ways to use it in baking..that cheesecake looks delicious.

  6. oh those look amazing! We love nutella around here, so this will be getting bookmarked.

  7. THANKS for these!! GREAT post! Pinning!!!

  8. I have been looking for some recipes to use with Nutella! These look so yummy I am gaining weight just thinking about them! Thanks for sharing!

  9. I adore Nutella! I will have to try out some of these recipes. These would be great for the Holidays, either gifts for teachers or as party foods

  10. I’ve never tried Nutella before, but I would certainly like to try out your Nutella frosting on cupcakes. Yummy!

  11. definitely bookmarked!
    will be returning with my kids 😉

  12. Yum! I adore Nutella!

  13. I had Nutella once and wasn’t a fan, but these recipes make me want to try it again!!!

  14. Can we say Yum Yum!! I never tried Nutella let alone a thought to use it to bake. Geez you are making me Great post