Aveeno Positively Radiant Night Cream Review

Aveeno says:“Brighten and even skin tone with “this advanced night cream that will leave leave skin smooth and healthy looking”

Baking Beauty Says: This moisturizing night cream makes my skin glow, but I didn’t notice any major chances in tone/texture.

What I loved:
1. A little goes a long way: One fingertip full does my entire face
2. Very moisturizing: It gives your skin that smooth, velvety feel after use.
3. Delivers radiant skin: Wake up in your makeup with glowing skin!

What I didn’t like:
1. I didn’t notice any difference in my uneven skin tone/texture
2. This made me slightly oily in my t-zone.

Best for: Those looking for glowing skin
Avoid it if: You’re expecting serious dark spot correction


Where can I buy it?: Drugstores, Supermarkets, and Mass Retailers Nationwide

What does it cost?:Around $17 but be on the lookout for sales and coupons!

Disclaimer: Baking Beauty received a night cream sample. No other compensation was received and all opinions are my own.


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  1. natalie nichols says:

    This looks really soothing and refreshing. I need to try this out.

  2. Thank you for sharing both the positive and negative aspects of this product. I like being able to make informed decisions.

  3. I loved the baby aveeno but I have not tried the night cream. I’ll look for it now.

  4. Sounds like a great product! I love Aveeno, but haven’t tried this product yet, might have to!

  5. I’m testing this out for Influenster and I’m pretty oily in my T-zone and noticed that it got more oily. So I’m just opting to skip my T-zone when I apply it, it definitely does moisturize!

  6. Thanks for this review. I wondered about the colour correction.. but it looks hydrating!

  7. I like Aveeno products. I’ve been using them ever since I gave my kids oatmeal baths when they had chicken pox.

  8. Great review! I love how concise and to the point it is! Thank you

  9. I’ve always been a fan of Aveeno products, nice to see this new offering.

  10. You know, using a cream before you need it sometimes can create more problems than what you are trying to prevent. My mother would love this cream as she has her how “nighttime rituals”… me, I’m lucky if I can get a chance to use the potty before bed as I have two little ones who only want Mommy at bedtime. I often fall asleep with my computer in my lap, glasses sill on, and a baby in each arm – ha!

    Thanks for sharing, I will be sure to pass your review on to her,


  11. How long did you try the product for? Just curious. Some products take a while to work on my skin… especially now that I am *gulp* getting older. I do love Aveeno products and will probably give this one a shot soon. Thanks!

  12. I could use the morning glow! Thanks for the review.

    Samantha D

  13. I bought that just the other day!
    I’m going to give it a god few weeks to see how I like it!

  14. Thanks for your honest review! I haven’t heard of this product from Aveeno yet

  15. I love Aveeno products for the most part. I am bummed that you didn’t see any change in spot correction. My husband needs a good moisturizer that will help even his skin tone. He has a couple of bad sun spots. Thanks for being so honest!!

  16. Thanks for the honest review. I love reading real opinions.

  17. i love aveeno products i might have to give this a try now!


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